Monthly Archives: February 2013

Phil 2.15.13

8:00 – 3:00 ESSO

  • Viztool review Thursday 21 at 8:00
  • Deployed new versions of PPM and PA
    • Text is graying out oddly. The short-term answer could be to leave the colored indicator grayed out, but leave the text intact.
    • Planned outlays need to refresh on save.
    • We really need to get all the “save” buttons in the same place on the screen, ideally near the upper left.
  • YUI 3.5.1 is available on-site
  • Got a local version ofYUI 3.8.1 running on my local tomcat server (as per example 1-8 in the YUI cookbook) . So far, so good. Now is a nice time to stop for the weekend

Dong Shin 02.14.2013

  • FGM Mail down? can’t get to the web mail either….
  • added Budget Center DropdownList to the status view, added event handler to change data
  • added a flag to keep track of Funded Budget (Commit in the Funding Request table) in the database – done!
    • ALTER TABLE `funding_requests` ADD `commit_flag` TINYINT NOT NULL DEFAULT '0' AFTER `commit`
    • UPDATE funding_requests SET commit_flag = 1 WHERE COMMIT > 0
    • DBUpdateSQLs02142013.sql
    • query to update commit_flag
      • UPDATE funding_requests SET commit_flag = 1 WHERE funding_requests.uid IN
        (SELECT funding_request_id FROM _funding_requests_budget_centers
        WHERE budget_center_id = 18)
  • changed PPM to keep track of the funded budget flag in the funding requests
  • disabled projects in PA that has $0 budgeted amount in funding requests
  • trouble shooting 4.7 install issues…. no luck, java crashes in memory dump found in the installation directory. uninstalling and re-install 4.6

Phil 2.14.13

8:00 – 4:00 ESSO

  • Icy today. The roads were OK, but the parking lots…
  • Having an odd endpoint problem. Getting a “Channel.Call.Failed: HTTP: Failed runSQL – [object Operation] endpoint https://…/ProjPortfolioMgr/messagebroker/amf. It may need to be amfsecure. Testing…
  • Although I like the Cloud9 IDE, it can’t handle the YUI ().use(….) pattern. Apparently Webstorm can. Getting the download (sigh) now.
  • That works like a charm. To add the YUI libraries, go Settings -> JavaScript -> Librares -> Download… -> and choose the library. And webGL is supported as well! IntelleJ (JetBrains’ Java IDE) may support this as well. Something to think about.

Dong Shin 02.13.2013

  • VizTool status meeting at Fort
  • Changed Reported Actual Obligated to Reported FACTS Obligated, no need to update database as of today.
  • continue working on Planned Obligation/Outlay Editor
    • got edit to work – saves to database!
  • moved buttons to the top
  • resized the Financial Data Navigator window
  • added DropDownList to Status view to filter MIPRs
    • still needs filtering
  • managed to corrupt the workspace I was using Flash Builder 4.7 with… and couldn’t get 4.7 to start! removed and re-installed, but no luck. going back to 4.6

Phil 2.13.13

7:30  – 3:30 ESSO

  • Still feel like crap, though I am now on antibiotics.
  • Meetings until noon. Dong is going to handle the Capability Review.
  • Changed Reported Actual Obligated to Reported FACTS Obligated in project_portfolio
  • Stated digging into YUI. While looking for an IDE, stumbled upon Cloud9 (, which is a cloud-based IDE developed initially for JavaScript, with jsHint support. Trying out some YUI code from the book. So far, so good! No server side Java support though. Need to see if the code can reach out to a dev server.

Phil 2.12.13

8:30 – 4:30 ESSO

  • Was going to go to CASPORT users group, but had to write a status report for Jim G. instead.
  • Backups
  • More Javascript OO programming today…
  • The Yahoo! User Interface (YUI) library was the first to include parasitic combination inheritance in a widely distributed JavaScript library via the Y.extend() method. YUI is a free, open source JavaScript and CSS library for building richly interactive web applications.” Nice documentation and examples…
  • Jumped ahead to tools and found jshint, which is at There is also another lint, JavaScript Lint that runs in windows explorer. it’s here:
  • Ok, I think I’m going to try some YUI tutorials. Confident enough to get the Kindle edition of the YUI 3 Cookbook. I need some standalone examples.

Dong Shin 02.11.2013

  • bugs
    • Replace “next incomplete record” tooltip with “next record”
    • Add text following “x of y” at the bottom left to indicate what is being stepped through
    • Take a look at users table cascading problem
    • Create a script that deletes all contracts that are not being used
      • RemoveUnusedContracts.sql in PPM
  • Flash Builder 4.6 has been crapping out on me past months continuously giving me various run time errors, ugh! – downloading 4.7 (1GB!) – working better but waiting for a license from Adobe (free upgrade from 4.5, 4.6)
  • working on queries to retrieve committed (Funded Budget) for PA
    • SELECT bc.*, (SELECT commit
      FROM _funding_requests_budget_centers frbc, funding_requests fr, budget_centers bc
      WHERE frbc.funding_request_id = fr.uid
      AND frbc.budget_center_id = bc.uid AND bc.uid = 18)
      FROM budget_centers bc
      WHERE bc.uid = 18
  • working on queries to retrieve contracts for PA
    • SELECT GROUP_CONCAT(c.contract_number)
      FROM _funding_requests_contracts frc, funding_requests fr, contracts c, projects p
      WHERE frc.funding_request_id = fr.uid
      AND c.uid = frc.contract_id
      AND fr.project_id = p.uid
      AND p.uid = 193
      GROUP BY fr.uid

Phil 2.11.13

8:30 – 4:30 ESSO

  • Bronchitis. Urk.
  • Backups, and some fixing of databases, as well as acknowledging all the alerts. We really need to turn some scripts off tomorrow.
  • Showed Carla how the issue was really bad labeling of what the “1 of 4” items actually were.
  • Javascript
  • So this is how you define an inheritable class:
  • Wow – this overwrites the value in the base parent Object, so that every instance of the superclass or subclass now say “foo”:
    SubType.prototype.saySuperName = function(){
    return "foo";
  • This appears to be a good way to do inheritance:
    	//--------- SuperType definition ------------
            function SuperType(name){
       = name;
                this.nickName = "None";
                this.colors = ["red", "blue", "green"];
            SuperType.prototype.setNickname = function(nickName){
    			this.nickName = nickName;
            SuperType.prototype.sayName = function(){
                alert("Name = "", Nickname = "+this.nickName);
    	//--------- SubType definition ------------
            function SubType(name, age){  
      , name);
                this.age = age;
            SubType.prototype = new SuperType();
            SubType.prototype.sayAge = function(){
    			if(this.nickName == "None"){
    				alert(" is "+this.age+" years old");
    				alert(this.nickName+" is "+this.age+" years old");
    	//----------- sequential code --------------------
            var instance1 = new SubType("Nicholas", 29);
            alert("'s colors are: "+instance1.colors);  //"red,blue,green,black"
            instance1.sayName();      //"Nicholas";
            instance1.sayAge();       //29
            var instance2 = new SubType("Greg", 27);
            alert("'s colors are: "+instance2.colors);  //"red,blue,green"
            instance2.sayName();      //"Greg";
            instance2.sayAge();       //27

Dong Shin 02.08.2013

  • PPM
    • select contract from funding request data instead of projects data in PPM for the Invoice
    • removed from Financial Data Navigator in both status and line item view
      • Expenditure Center
      • Investment Portfolio
      • Program Element
      • FACTS PE
    • changed Identifier to use MIPR (center_name) in Yearly View
    • Reported FACTS Obligated is disabled
    • added BETA image to PA

Phil 2.8.13

8:00 – 4:00 ESSO

  • Backups.
  • There is an issue where an item that is showing up in the Line Item View in PA and the Financial Data Entry view in PPM is not showing up in the Status View in PA. I’ve taken screenshots on what I think all the relavent pages are.
    • Turns out that’s a feature. That particular project is complete, and does not remain to fill out. Dong will verify on Mondy, but we’re betting that’s the case.
  • Javascript.

Phil 2.7.12

8:00 – 4:00 ESSO

  • Backups
  • Got comments from Chris and Carla. Handed off to Dong
  • Lunch with Diane
  • More JavaScript
    • Looking at how to implement the Data Dictionary
  • Leave promptly at 4:00! Class!

Phil 2.6.13

8:00 – 4:00 ESSO

  • Meeting with Chris, Thom, Carla, Lenny and Dong. The notes are here.
  • Some cleanup for Diane’s visit tomorrow. Also asked Dimitri for permission to charge overhead for the real move to WCC
  • Went through the design of FA with Dong, which is all here.