Monthly Archives: June 2010

Phil 6.24.2010

7:30 – 2:00 VISIBILITY

  • Tried to VPN over to the WPAFB server. The VPN seems to work, but I couldn’t connect to the site.
  • Trying to set up meetings for Friday
    • Talked to Anne.
  • The querylog script had stopped running on the 16th, for some reason. Which is odd because the details pull scripts were running just fine. Anyway, put the querylog script back in the queue. It seems to be running fine now.
  • Need to walk through PPM with Dong today and burn a disk – done.
  • Need to see what problem Tom is having with getting the Scripting Server running on viz-n – fixed
  • Updating Visibility and Scripting on viz-n
  • Burned new copies of PPM and VISIBILITY to deploy tomorrow.

2:30 – FP

  • Mounted the wrist motor

Deploying to

Before doing this create a vizncom_PrjPortMgr and vizncom_Visibility database using the control panel found here:


  • Edit ./assets/setupModel.xml so that each address starts with  Change the endpoint to look for messagebroker/amf instead of amfsecure.
  • Edit the database name in ./assets/data/userinfo.xml to match the database you are using.  In this case vizncom_PrjPortMgr
  • Edit the database, user, password, scriptDir in ./WEB-INF/classes/  In this case database = vizncom_PrjPortMgr, user = vizncom_root,  password = edge, and scriptdir=/home/vizncom/appservers/apache-tomcat-6.0.26/webapps/ProjPortfolioMgr/scripts.
  • Edit the database, user, and password in ./WEB-INF/classes/  Same as in SQLScriptRunner.
  • Zip up folder and rename to .war.  FTP into and drop the war file into /appservers/apache-tomcat-6.0.26/webapps
  • Because the database is already set up the script needs to be edited so it doesn’t try to create a database.  Remove these two lines from project_portfolio_complete.xml in ./scripts

CREATE DATABASE `project_portfolio` DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci;
USE `project_portfolio`;

  • I was not able to get the script to run automatically so I imported it using the phpMyAdmin from the control panel.
  • Go to to test.  Default user/password is projportfolio.


  • Edit ./assets/setupModel.xml so that all the addresses start with  Switch endpoint to look for amf instead of amfsecure
  • Edit the upload/download directories, database, user, and password in the ./WEB-INF/classes/  Example:

excelexport.downloadDirectory=C:/Program Files/Apache Software Foundation/Tomcat 6.0/webapps/Visibility3/downloads/


  • This one doesn’t seem to be working correctly yet.

Mike 6.23.2010

  • Added slide in / slide out controls to the network widget
  • Tried adding a scale option to the network map… it took awhile to get every container, mask and forces to behave correctly and finally once it was working changing scale really didn’t have a great effect.  Small scale changes could kind of make things more visible but anything more than a little would slam nodes against the walls and create weird behavior so I tore it all back out.

Phil 6.23.2010

8:00 – 11:00 VISIBILITY

  • Swung by the customer site. Answered some questions for Anne
  • Upgraded our mysql-connector to version 5.1.12. Updated the javaUtils and Visibility2 projects.
  • Walked through some PPM with Dong

11:00 – 5:30FP

  • Got the servo assy moving for one finger. Need to finish the other and then put the heim joints in.
    • Assembled the second finger
  • Mounted the two high-torque motors
  • Need to move the strain gauge assy. rearward of the stepper motor attachment points – done

Dong Shin 06.22.2010

  • added additional fields for Funding Request and rearranged components
  • removed Validate button, let Save button handle the validation
  • fixed Project Viewer un-maximizing after data entry/update
  • created a trigger to populate obligations_outlays_goals when appropriation is added
  • created a delete cascade for obligations_outlays_goals when appropriation is deleted

Phil 6.22.2010

7:30 – 10:30 – VISIBILITY

  • Swung by customer site. All is well. Chatted with JW about dogs
  • Talked to Dong about the BF form
  • Thinking about upcoming tasks for S2F
    • Sharepoint integration
    • “Sailor” interface (slideshow and dashboards – view only)
    • Formbuilder
    • …?

10:30 – 5:00 FP

  • Ordered additional motor and controller ($196.60 CAD)
  • Going to try to put the gripper together today.
  • Made a “wrist” joint
  • Made the components for the finger KF. Assembled one.

Mike 6.21.2010

  • Completed the “Query Selected” feature on the data tab of the AdvancedQueryWidget.  This is a new option in the dropdown menu
  • Tested that it works on single and multiple items as well as chaining widgets in various orders [ie. select * to select * where salary = 100,000 to select * where salary = 100,000 and (uid = 6 or uid = 7)].  Seems to work in every situation

Phil 6.21.2010

8:00 – 2:00 VISIBILITY

  • Deployed Dong’s new swf, which did fix the financial load problem!
  • Demo’d to Trish, notes are below. Next demo is Friday afternoon
    • Project
      • Save Project Error
        • Code: Server Processing
        • Message Out of bounds Exception – Index 9, size 9
      • Services are not getting checked when project is loaded
      • Add “other” service check box with an Addable dropdown to list of services
      • Change DHS to USCG
    • Funding Request
      • Combine valuation and save. They really don’t need to be different buttons
      • Save funding req gives out of bounds error
      • Change all “BF 34” to “BF 5”
      • BF panel should have the following fields
        • Acceptance Date
        • Submit Date
        • Certified Date
        • Document Number
        • Reimbursable (Tab? Grouping?)
          • Amount
        • Direct Cite (Tab? Grouping?)
          • Obligation Amount
          • Obligation Date
          • Contract #
          • Contract Date
    • Enter Financial Data
      • “Planned Obligation” is blanked when saving data on other lines and window automatically un-maximizes
      • Percentages are not being calculated on some charts. THes seems to be the case when Goals are not showing
      • Un-maximize seems to happen on saves of data
    • Next meeting is Friday afternoon, time is TBD

2:00 – 4:00 – FP

  • Working on framework

Dong Shin 06.21.2010

  • experimented SaveStatePanel and ManagedCanvas with some datagrids to trouble-shoot maximize problem… nothing found
  • added Utils.checkResolution
  • fixed a  bug not showing Services correctly for saved projects
  • other with AddableListComboBox for services added
  • fixed IndexOutOfBound exception bug
  • corrected Save Button label for Copy Project’
  • changed DHS to USCG

Dong Shin 06.19.2010

  • Appropriation changed as AddableListCB in Funding Request
  • more debugging added
  • fixed a bug creating multiple Project Viewer for selected project
  • Creation watcher added to ProjectViewer and its subcomponents
    • Data retrieval now goes in after all components are created
    • One data set a time upon updateComplete
  • sent updated SWF to Phil to try

Mike 6.18.2010

  • Talked to Phil about the NetworkWidget and improvements to be done
  • Made the Connections screen a little better with an improved layout, changing the list to a datagrid and adding a select all button
  • Added a ‘Remove” button to the Slideshow creation screen in case people don’t think to right-click
  • Started working on the ability to query on only the selected items in the data tab, needs a lot of testing

Phil 6.18.2010

8:00 – 3:00

  • Installed the patch for PPM and grabbed a screenshot for Dong
  • Left a message with JM that we may not be able to hit Monday, based on Dong’s email.
  • Got Mike’s Network widget working in Visibility. Very cool.
    • We need a way to create a new widget from the selected items
    • Some formatting issues on the connections page
  • Some fire drill for NG

Mike 6.17.10

  • Added check for color column to NetworkWidget
  • Added code to watch for selection events in the network widget part of AdvancedQueryWidget, all selection which occurs will be reflected in the data tab
  • Trying to reproduce an issue Dong is having with ManagedCanvas and loading minimized windows, no luck so far

Phil 6.17.2010

8:00 – 3:00

  • Deployed version of Visibility with improved SolrXmlIngestor and with the “Load” screen showing first on the slideshow panel.
  • Went over the meeting with Dong,
  • Working on getting Mike’s update to NetworkWidget working
  • Need to create separate swf for slideshow code.
  • Worked with Tome to get the installer behaving