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Mike 6.11.12

  • Scanned and deployed the latest version of the PPM documentation
  • Server backups
  • There was an issue with users assigned as ‘Service Finance POC (site)’ not being able to see projects in PA.  Changing them to ‘Project Managers (site)’ resolved the issue
  • Drafted a simple retro-active requirements list.  Jessica and Bill are going to revise them and hopefully we can come to a list to agree on.
  • added security banners to ppm and pa, loaded from config file
  • More work on the charting stuff:
    •  the chart itself is done, it can read in an xml config and write one out.
    • The basic chart config options are done
    • Adding/removing series are all done
    • The only series where you can choose specific options (color, shape, etc.) is LineSeries
    • Need to finish specific config options for other series
    • Need to create a drag/drop tree for configuring series sets (stacked columns, areas, etc.)  Also allows the user to pick z order of the series

Mike 6.8.2012

  • Server backups
  • Final prep for meeting
  • 30 minute demo to colonel
  • 1 hour tutorial session with PMs
  • Additional requirements, test plan, etc. discussion with Tangie, Bill, Jessica, and Lenni
  • A few of the immediate things to add:
    • Default security banners
    • A new project summary table with budget, appropriations, and available balance all by year
    • Need to check on why no comments are working

Mike 6.7.2012

  • Server backups at site
  • Status meeting with Jim G from TASC, Dave W. and others. Highlights of the meeting
    • We need some kind of requirements (future and retroactive). First we are checking around for an old statement of work then will go from there
    • Vet all new requirements through Dave W. and this weekly meeting before proceeding on them
    • Figure out who is working on the test plan
  • Finished up the presentation for tomorrow
  • Jessica R. is still having some issues deleting users, this time is was a foreign key problem with the user_alerts table
  • Lenni M. was having trouble changing his password, seems to have something to do with changing your password and trying to log in without refreshing the page (this should be possible)
  • The modify funding request screen needs an overhaul, it is VERY difficult to search, Tangie would also like the document_number column added
  • There’s an issue with searching on the project management list then scrolling
  • There are some instances of portfolio managers being updated on a project then not showing up in the project management list
  • Fixed the password changing issue, the login screen was getting stuck in a state between the normal state and the change password state

Mike 6.6.12

  • Server backups at site
  • Deployed an update to resolve the user management windows problems
  • Updates applied to the databases to allow deleting of users without error
  • Discussed where Funding_Type should be held, no decision made
  • Discussed how excess funding could be handled, more discussion needed
  • Dumped a list of all funding requests in the system per Jessica R.’s request
  • Getting a weekly status report to Jessica
  • Worked a little on the chart stuff, hopefully things will slow down after Friday and i can get some more time in on it.  I did get to write the following line:

Mike 6.5.2012

  • Server backups at site
  • Deployed new version of PPM and PA with updates fields: Funding Type, Location, and Org.
  • Version also includes the auto-login capability but it is turned off for now to avoid issues
  • The email to all users went out today to test their connection.  At noon only one person replied and they could connect just fine
  • Found an error with the user management widget, Dong created a fix and I burned it to disc for tomorrow
  • Continued working on new slides to the presentation on Friday
  • Answered lots of questions at site as they came up, lots more interaction at my new desk

Mike 6.4.2012

  • Relocated to new site desk
  • Connected to server just fine and did the regular backups
  • Submitted Dong’s VR
  • Played around more with the COGNOS data in prep for demo on Friday
  • Back at the mill, rebuilt the entire vis tool suite, did some minimal compatibility testing
  • Burned everything to disk for deployment
  • Investigated an issue with trending data in the visualization after using a GROUP BY statement in the advanced query window.  There’s a problem with our string parsing that screws up there WHERE clause

Mike 6.1.2012

  • Test server backups
  • Apparently my desk has been given away to someone else so I’m moving to a temporary desk starting Monday, hopefully I can still reach the server.  Moved everything that was on the local drive to the network drive for transfer
  • Sent out the VIS Tool weekly status report
  • Spoke with Jessica R.
    • She wanted to know how to create users and assign roles
    • She will also be rolling my weekly status reports in to the larger group weeklies
    • Also discussed my new desk and got my door access to the office, no more ringing the bell
    • Bill and Jessica both want to bring Phil on to implement the official test plan and offered to find some funding
  • We’re getting ‘Out of Connections’ Mysql errors on the PPM service.  I bounced the server and got rid of them but the problem needs to be solved soon.
  • Talked to Phil about coming on to write the test plan, sent and email to Jim asking how to proceed
  • Collecting statuses from Kristi and Dong to submit to TASC for the month of May
  • Talked to Kristi about getting documentation for PPM deployed at site
  • Sent an email to Dong about the ‘out of connections’ error
  • Going to start work on a java-based AMF client that will stress test the PPM back-end.  I will probably only write 1 method (log in) and hopefully hand it off to Dong.

Mike 5.31.2012

  • Test server backups at site
  • Stopped by the customer office and spoke to Jessica R., Bill D., and Tangela H.
    • Jessica had lots of questions about creating accounts, timelines, and when the reports would be ready
    • Tangie was having difficulty making projects with subprojects and wants to have 1 MIPR span multiple projects…
    • Bill is working on getting the production server going
  • Sent out the connection test and troubleshooting document, it will be emailed out to all users tomorrow
  • More charting stuff

Mike 5.30.2012

  • Server backups at site
  • Fixed a broken link on the visibility index pages
  • Moved over the map hosting webapp so visibility displays maps correctly
  • Working on the charting package

Mike 5.29.2012

  • Production backups at site
  • Created some Portfolio Manager accounts for users who requested them
  • One of the remote sites that was having difficulty connecting to our server resolved the issue.  It was a proxy on their end.
  • Created a document describing how remote users can test their connection and included a lot of troubleshooting information.  Hopefully we can send it out this week to all potential users
  • Status meeting this afternoon:
    • Apparently what the help desk told me was our production server is not actually a production server and we are still in the test and integration environment.  We need to jump through some more hoops to get to production.
    • May need to bring Phil back for help with the test plan
    • Tangie is working on getting a final user list so we can send out and connection test email to everyone on Friday
    • The next step will be getting some early adopters to start entering data

Mike 5.28.2012

  • Working on the chart stuff from home
  • Finished my class structure and all toXml and fromXml methods, here’s an example:

And the XML that defines it:

<set seriesType=”ColumnSet” type=”clustered”>
<series seriesType=”ColumnSeries” yField=”0″ fillColor=”14976769″ fillAlpha=”1″/>
<set seriesType=”ColumnSet” type=”stacked”>
<series seriesType=”ColumnSeries” yField=”1″ fillColor=”10861646″ fillAlpha=”1″/>
<series seriesType=”ColumnSeries” yField=”2″ fillColor=”1807833″ fillAlpha=”1″/>


Now I need to start working on the configuration screen

Also, here is a useful link for parsing XML using e4x:

Mike 5.25.2012

  • Production backups
  • Back and forth emails with Jessica R. regarding account troubles, she was trying to log in to the data vis thinking it was project assistant
  • sent out the vis tool weekly status email
  • After lots of digging I found a connectivity trouble shooting guide designed for the problems we’re having! I found a link to it through someone’s blog.  I plan on using to it write our own troubleshooting guide to send to users.
  • I sent a few tests from the troubleshooting guide to a local site admin I’ve been working with.
  • Worked with Dong to debug an issue with my auto-login system

Mike 5.24.2012

  • Production backups
  • Checked on the ticket status for diagnosing connection problems to specific sites; it is “in the queue.”
  • Demo/Tutorial with Jessica R., Lenni M., and Carla H. at my desk.  We went over PA, PPM, and data vis.  I gave them PPM accounts and made them all admins.  They seemed excited about the tool. A few issues arose from the demo:
    • in the data vis, periods cannot appear in column headers or you have problems
    • Need new columns for reqs:
      • Funding Type
      • Physical Location
      • Organization
  • Fix the period issue by having all ingestors replace periods in headers with underscores

Mike 5.23.2012

  • Production backups
  • Worked with Dong to try and mesh the COGNOS data and our data, we had a bit of trouble matching things up so we went and spoke with Jessica R..  She seems to have a very good picture of how the budgets are organized and also showed us some reports she’d like to be able to produce.  There are a few fields that need to be added to Reqs to produce them: type, physical location, and Org.
  • We also have a meeting/demo set up with her tomorrow morning at my desk.
  • Contacted my old badge sponsor to try and transfer my badge
  • Charting stuff…

Working on the Config Screen.  Here are my current list of config screens and options:


  • Legend On/Off
  • Legend Position
  • Base at Zero = true|false

Series: Each chartable field will have enabled and type selector, changing types will change the options available.  Types:

  • AreaSeries – Stackable
    • yField
    • Fill Color
    • Fill Alpha
    • Form = segment|curve|horizontal|reverseStep|step|vertical
    • strokeEnable = true|false
    • Stroke Color
    • Stroke Width
  • BubbleSeries
    • yField
    • radiusField
    • minRadius=0
    • maxRadius=50
    • Fill Color
    • Fill Alpha
    • strokeEnable = true|false
    • Stroke Color
    • Stroke Width
  • CandlestickSeries
    • openField
    • closeField
    • highField
    • lowField
    • Fill Color
    • Fill Alpha
  • ColumnSeries – Stackable
    • yField
    • Fill Color
    • Fill Alpha
  • HLOCSeries
    • openField
    • closeField
    • highField
    • lowField
    • Fill Color
    • Fill Alpha
  • LineSeries
    • yField
    • Form = “segment|curve|horizontal|reverseStep|step|vertical”
    • Stroke Color
    • Stroke Width
  • PlotSeries
    • yField
    • Fill Color
    • Fill Alpha
    • Stroke Color

Sets: AreaSeries and ColumnSeries will both be members of sets with the following options:

  • AreaSet
    • series = []
    • type = “100%|clustered|overlaid|stacked”
    • allowNegative= true|false
  • ColumnSet
    • series = []
    • type = “100%|clustered|overlaid|stacked”
    • allowNegative= true|false

That’s all the options I can think of for now, always room for more.

Mike 5.22.2012

  • Production backups
  • Imported Dong’s script to merge data sources, it ran but returned zero rows so the data must not be matching up well
  • My sponsor is letting my badge expire next month so I sent Jim from TASC a note about it
  • Working on configurable chart
  • Submitted my proof of concept with toXml and fromXml