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Phil 9.10.15

8:00 – 4:00 SR

  • Lost my accounts on all the servers. Asked Ronda to look into it.
  • And since I can’t get on the server, asked Ronda to fix the setupModel.xml files to fix login issues.
  • Sent Dong a note to see what’s going on. He’ll take a look this weekend.
  • Some of my demos that use the WebGl3dCharts module were broken. The reason is that I was looking for items in the optional data objects and throwing a null. Two lessons:
    • FF console does not log this error
    • Just because you have static type checking in TypeScript doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use hasOwnProperty() to check if an item is present. Here’s the fix:
      var forceVisible:boolean = false;
      if(itemData.hasOwnProperty('data') &&'type')) {
          forceVisible = this.getForceVisible(;

      So now it’s much more robust.

    • Adding ability to modify text. Done. Changing the title also ripples through the display. I also don’t (re)calculate page rank if the weight hasn’t changed.  Also added

      for WebGlCanvas.

  • Found these guys (, who do keyboard biometrics. Trying to contact them.

Phil 10.6.15

8:00 – 5:00 SR

  • The FA and RA apps are not working right with 2016 data. Pinged Dong.He says he can take a look tonight.
  • After installing Win10, I had a heart stopping moment where Apache wasn’t starting, with an error message of “Problem detected! Port 80 in use by “Unable to open process” with PID 4!” Stack Overflow suggested that this was the “World Wide Web Publishing Service” and you have to stop it. Here’s a screenshot: Services
  • Other than that, Win10 seems just fine. I love the menu bar for each monitor.
  • Figuring out how to add the network to the Ranking code…
    • Will need to sort the array based on the ranking. Doesn’t look like a problem.
    • Added weight to ITarget
    • Reworked Rating.ts so that everything is initialized to a square matrix of zeros. You now have to create the Rankings.PageRank class (appropriately sized), then populate it, then calculate and get results.
    • Construction of the matrix from the network is nearly done. Finish tomorrow.

Dong Shin 07.15.2015

  • continue from yesterday’s setting up Phil’s laptop for build – done!
    • checked out all client codes
      • Financial Assistant Apps
        •  SVN location: trunk/Sandbox_folders/DONG_SANDBOX/JavaScript/FinancialAssistant
      • Charting App
        • SVN location: trunk/Sandbox_folders/DONG_SANDBOX/webstorm/charts
      • Query Builder App
        • SVN location: trunk/Sandbox_folders/DONG_SANDBOX/webstorm/QueryBuilder
      • Reqonciler App
        • SVN location: trunk/Sandbox_folders/DONG_SANDBOX/webstorm/Reqonciler
    • Configure Deployment Server for the projects
    • Screenshot 2015-07-15 07.44.08Screenshot 2015-07-15 08.39.47Screenshot 2015-07-15 08.40.06
    • changed link to FinancialAssistant in FinancialAssistantService(Java) in WebContent folder to point to valid directory
    • create logging database and use logging.sql to initialize
    • create visibility_scripting database and use to initialize

Phil 7/14/15

7:30 – 5:00

  • Write up a description of Dong’s skillset.
  • Call Arhouse.
  • Continue on ComponentNetwork
    • Chain -> History
    • ‘Relevance to Search’ dialog for keywords, etc.
    • Accumulate search terms in some way. Possibly weight them?
    • Rebuilding the network construction so that it’s handled by its own class. The basics are working, need to add connections based on pending requests next. Overall it’s better than using addEnvironment, which really wasn’t all that appropriate. It should be easy to add in textures too. Fingers crossed.
  • Looks like my workstation should be in next week
  • Pluto flyby!

Dong Shin 07.14.2015

  • setting up Phil’s laptop for software build
    • JDK 8
    • XAMPP 5.6.8
    • Eclipse Mars  – unzipped to C:\dev
    • WebStorm 10.0.4
    • set JAVA_HOME to C:\Program Files\Java\jdk.1.8.0_45
    • Subclipse plugin for Eclipse
    • VisualSVN for WebStorm
    • checked out all Java projects
      • FinancialAssistantService – trunk/Sandbox_folders/DONG_SANDBOX/Java/FinancialAssistantService
      • JarFileContainer – trunk/Java_folders/JarFileContainer
      • javaUtils – trunk/Java-folders/Utils/javaUtils
      • LoggingUtils – trunk/Sandbox_folders/DONG_SANDBOX/Java/LoggingUtils
      • ReqoncilerService – trunk/Sandbox_folders/DONG_SANDBOX/Java/ReqoncilerService
      • Servers – trunk/Sandbox_folders/DONG_SANDBOX/Java/Servers
      • StoredQueryService – trunk/Sandbox_folders/DONG_SANDBOX/Java/StoredQueryService
      • SpringLibs – /trunk/Sandbox_folders/DONG_SANDBOX/Java/SpringLibs
    • removed duplicate jars
    • changed JDK 1.7 to JDK 1.8
    • reconfigured Server project to use C:\xampp\tomcat
    • had to remove/add Server Runtime Library (Apache Tomcat v7.0)
    • everything builds!

Dong Shin 07.02.2015

  • chart data service broken? – fixed
  • added charts project (TypeScript) to FinancialAssistantService(webapp)
  • Upload external changes must be set in Tools->Deployment->Options in WebStorm to upload compiled .js file automatically
  • working on charts app
    • created DataFormatRow class
    • buildRowData() in is still broken… trouble-shooting…

Dong Shin 06.22.2015

  • deployed FR, jars for charting
  • PM Actuals should skip current month
  • order of column charts needs changed
  • working on ChartDataService
    • added dayOfMonth to
    • working on PM Actuals month calculation in ChartDataService